COVID-19: Remote Working Questionnaire


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21 Apr 2020
  • Business Risk and Resilience
  • Technology and Cyber Risk

Initial Observations

  • Most staff believe their managers have taken reasonable measures to preserve the business and minimise disruption to staff and customers, even if they don’t agree with all the actions taken by management or feel their job may still be at risk.
  • Medium-large size businesses have struggled more than others to maintain a feeling of connectedness between staff. Both enterprise and small companies don’t seem to have the same weakness, possibly due to a more developed infrastructure to support team members in larger organisations, and the community or family-oriented operation of smaller businesses.
  • Most organisations favoured actions to modify the workplace (or home office) and provide additional support for their staff over changing the way they do business. This indicates there may be untapped opportunities for businesses to adapt further to the changing status-quo.
  • Consumer and service-oriented businesses were optimistic that their organisations would survive the downturn, but generally felt less supported by their leaders and less connected to their organisation, possibly because management’s focus was on preserving the business over supporting staff.

About the responders

Responders from over 20 industries participated in the survey. The largest groups of responders were Financial Services and Professional Services, which is a general reflection of our LinkedIn audience where this survey was primarily shared.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

COVID-19: Remote Working Questionnaire
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