Amstelveen Risk Update: Edition 5, October 2022


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31 Oct 2022
  • Technology and Cyber Risk

Welcome to the fifth edition of our Risk periodical, the Amstelveen Risk Update. We have dedicated this edition to the theme of Cybersecurity, in participation of Cyber Security Awareness Month 2022. We hope that the articles are educational and that it helps our readers to stay secure online.

What is your cyber security risk appetite?

Risk appetites can and should extend to cybersecurity. Whether organisations are conscious of it, technology is operated within unique boundaries of comfort. Andrew Millward and Emma Fabreguette argue for this and present six key indicators to assist in defining cyber risk appetite.

Facial Recognition

Moving onto specific cyber-related topics and issues affecting our time, Wendy Liu and Jessica Ong discuss the widely used technology behind facial recognition, how it works, what it is used for, and some key considerations around its proliferation.

A How-to: Increasing the rate of success of a Social Engineering attack

Finally, Obed Oei brings in aspects of psychology and elements of human cognition to explain how internal and external influences on our psyche can result in a greater likelihood of us falling for social engineering attacks. He shows that by understanding our weaknesses, we can better protect ourselves.

I hope that you find this publication both useful and interesting. To provide feedback or input on content, please contact

David van Gogh
Managing Director of Amstelveen

Amstelveen Risk Update: Edition 5, October 2022
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