Amstelveen Risk Update: Edition 4, July 2021


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7 Jul 2021
  • Business Risk and Resilience
  • Technology and Cyber Risk

Welcome to the fourth edition of our Risk periodical, the Amstelveen Risk Update. In this edition, our team has provided a series of perspectives on the themes of Controls and Control Automation.

The 5 trends and 5 themes to consider in your IT control assurance planning

Effective assurance starts with well informed planning, and emerging technology trends and their adoption within an organisation should inform controls testing plans. Andrew Millward discusses five current technology trends and five related control areas to consider in assurance planning.

The shift from manual to automated Controls

Control automation continues to have strong benefits for internal controls functions. Katherina Sau covers the impact of automating processes and controls on efficiency and processing error rates, as well as three pitfalls to watch out for when automating.

Can you automate controls testing and still provide independent assurance?

Finally, Benjamin Zhang discusses five considerations for applying automation to control testing, and how this can be done without compromising the independence of assurance.

I hope that you find this publication both useful and interesting. To provide feedback or input on content, please contact

David van Gogh
Managing Director of Amstelveen

Amstelveen Risk Update: Edition 4, July 2021
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