Amstelveen Risk Update: Edition 2, December 2019


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9 Dec 2019
  • Business Risk and Resilience
  • Technology and Cyber Risk

Welcome to the second edition of our Risk periodical, the ‘Risk Update’. In this edition we have delved into two specific areas of technology risk and covered some of the cultural aspects of good Risk Management.

Practical Tips for Staying Secure in a Connected World

Cybersecurity related risks continue to be of high interest to Boards, Audit Committees, and Risk and Technology functions. Data from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner indicates that individuals remain the most readily compromised component of a technology environment. Ed Little has provided a breakdown of good practices for protecting online user accounts. This is the first in a forthcoming series of articles which explain techniques for keeping your data safe online.

Data Processing

At an organisational level, technology functions are increasing their use of data processing automation. Zachary Chapman has considered how they can manage the associated risks by using Workflow Automation tools. These have the potential to improve data integrity while simplifying operational processes.

Clarifying Risk Culture

Finally, Risk Culture has continued to be of interest to regulators and the media. We explain how organisations usually measure and assess their risk culture, and some ways to encourage positive risk behaviours.

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David van Gogh
Managing Director of Amstelveen

Amstelveen Risk Update: Edition 2, December 2019
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