Amstelveen Risk Update: Edition 1, June 2019


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7 Jun 2019
  • Business Risk and Resilience
  • Risk Transformation

Welcome to the first edition of our Risk periodical, the ‘Risk Update’. We intend to produce this update on a regular basis, commenting on major trends in risk management and internal control.

What does the Global Risk Report mean for Australian organisations?

In this edition, Wendy Valent reviews some of the key risks identified in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report, and the implications of those risks for Australian organisations. Since the risks identified in the report have a common theme of business disruption impacts, this is a highly relevant article to both the public and private sectors.

The changing nature of software development controls in a DevOps environment

We also delve into some emerging technology risk and control issues in this issue. Andrew Millward examines how software development controls need to be modified and adapted to suit DevOps environments.

Braving the dark: Embracing and managing risk arising from Shadow IT

Obed Oei addresses the growing problem of Shadow IT and how it can be combated by technology functions. These articles are relevant to all organisations with in-house technology and software development functions.

I hope that you find this publication both useful and interesting. To provide feedback or input on content, please contact

David van Gogh
Managing Director of Amstelveen

Amstelveen Risk Update: Edition 1, June 2019
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